Windblown Monochrome


9" x 9" square, resin, alcohol ink, Roosevelt Willow

I foraged this branch on a solo hiking trip to Lost Maples State Park in Texas. When Roosevelt Willows flower in the latter half of the year their soft flowers flow in the breeze, just how I imagine them. 

This piece started completely transparent, and while the movement of the willow is compelling - I felt inspired to give it even more life with a monochromatic background, done completely from dyed resin. 

I used the same dye at 3 different ratios (i.e. 10 drops for stage 1, 20 drops for stage 2, and 30 drops for stage 3) separating out the section by erecting acrylic sheet barriers. 

Once complete I sanded the back with a progression of increase grit sandpaper to achieve the frosted look, which helped to increase the saturation of all 3 sections.